About Us

Chartered in 1969, Greene Country Retired Teachers Association (GCRTA) is affiliated with the National Association of Retired Teachers (NRTA) and the Ohio Retired Teachers Association (ORTA). The Greene County Chapter is one of many chapters of this type in the State of Ohio. 


Membership Fees: Dues are $10.00/year for GCRTA and are payable between September and December for the upcoming year. The GCRTA membership year begins January 1 and ends December 31. A life-time membership is available for $200, payable to GCRTA and the payment is sent to the treasurer. Two installments of $100 each, or four installments of $50 each, may be made.



Newsletters: Greene County Retired Teachers members receive a quarterly newsletter to keep membership informed on legislation affecting retirement benefits, and on matters from the Ohio Retired Teachers Association (e.g., House Bills, STRS Board Meetings.)      

ORTA (Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association) monitors legislative efforts on a year-round basis to represent the retired teachers' best interest in the Ohio General Assembly and with STRS. ORTA monitors all State Teachers' Retirement System committee meetings. 

Questions? Contact Carol Smith